Monday, July 23, 2012

Transition Progression: Week 1, Day 1

Source: Rob Macklem's Flickr

Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Press + Overhead Squat

3 Sets of 3 B.N.Sn.Gr.Pr. + 3 O.S.*
*Work up to weight where you can maintain proper form.

Power Clean

1 Set of 4 Reps @ 70%
1 Set of 2 Reps @ 75%
3 Sets of 2 Reps @ 80%

Snatch Pull from Blocks Below the Knee (Video)

1 Set of 2 Reps @ 90%
2 Sets of 2 Reps @ 100%


  1. This whole week dose not seem right. the description is a 4 session week deload for recovery. The week has 5 sessions and has percentages that are upward of 90%. Please advise

  2. Ronson, you're right, there are 5 sessions and the change has been made on the description page. Thank you.

    To your other point, there are different ways to deload the body, and in this case we're deloading in terms of volume. It's important to still maintain the sharpness of the nervous system and the feel for heavier weights without beating yourself up in volume, which is why there are lifts at or around 90%.