I'm new to WeightliftingWOD.  Where should I start?

To fully benefit from the training, we recommend you start at the first day of the training cycle. You can access the blog history in the right-hand side of each page. You can also learn about and jump to the beginning of any training cycle/progression via the Progression Explanations page.

How was this training program created?
The framework of the training design is based on the research and training theories of the Russian scientist Aleksei Medvedyev. Using this framework, Sean Waxman develops the training progressions presented in Weightlifting WOD.

What equipment do I need?

A barbell, bumper plates and a squat rack. A lifting platform is ideal. Metal plates will work, but they're not designed to be dropped, and we cannot be responsible for any damage caused by improper use of equipment.

Some of our accessory work involves pulling from blocks. If you don't have blocks, try cinder blocks, phone books, newspapers or anything else strong enough to support the weight being dropped on it.

What are the percentages based off?

Each percentage is based off your 1 rep max (1-RM) for that exercise unless otherwise stated. If it is a variation of, or assistance exercise for, the snatch or the clean & jerk, use your 1-RM for the full lift.

Do I base my percentages off current or future 1-RM numbers?

Use current 1-RM numbers. Competition/retest days will be a part of each training cycle, so there will be a number of chances to test and retest.

What if I don't know my 1-RM numbers?

Figure it out.  Test your 1-RM's or base your percentages off what you think is realistic.